"Joining The Revolution" or "Just Window Shopping"

"Revolution begins at home, but for most of us it ends there too" - Pinhead Gunpowder

I've always loved that quote. It has been an inspiration to me over the years, but mostly in a self-deprecating kind of way. It has fueled the guilt that has gotten me off the couch more than once, to do something that felt productive, at least for a while anyway. Then soon after, I would lose the energy gained by eating my own shame, like you do, and retake my position on the couch, and rejoin the ranks of my fellow Americans.

Finally there is a revolution of ideals happening that I feel is worth dedicating myself and my passion to fully, because it is a revolution I have been a part of since before I was born. I come from a family of artists, mechanics, designers, musicians, computer techs, singers, movie makers, radio hosts, knitters, watch makers, seamstresses, and many a variety of other crafty types. Most of these people blend seamlessly from one of these categories to another. A family of dilettantes, and I am the product of it. I come from a family of makers and fixers.

The revolution is the Maker Movement. It has been called "the democratization of tools". Today, right now, it has never been cheaper or more accessible to use or learn any number of pieces of equipment that I have wanted to get my hands on before. The price on CNC machines, laser cutters, 3d printers (TY to the many patent laws for expiring last year), quality design software (a lot is free or open source now), and there is finally some space to use it.

I'm in slight disbelief that The NY Times just announced Philadelphia as the #3 place in the world to visit, because of it's Collaborative Creative Place Making Endeavors. That seems to fall in nicely with my plans for my day off from The MakerStudio on Thursday. I will be visiting another couple Maker Studios in the area. My volunteer from the library and I will be going to check out NextFAB in Philly, as well as The Factory in Collingswood. I'm hoping to window shop for another maker gym to join, and start learning some more hands on stuff, not really opposed to, but to work in tandem with, the 3d printing and digital design I have been focusing on lately.

The space that GCLS has carved out in Mullica Hill is super awesome (and free to the public), but there are definitely some big pieces of equipment (L4zR CuTt3R!!!1!s) I want to get my hands on, for reasons. My other hope is that by continually going and checking in on other Maker Spaces and reaching out for advice and getting other view points, that will be all the more wisdom and knowledge that I can bring back to my creative place/coworking space near me. That is the heart of the Maker Movement, not cheap tools, though that certainly makes a boon, but it is this spirit of wanting to learn, make, and share that is fueling this revolution.