Today a riddle

First, a riddle. What do you pay an artist to get them to part with their work for free?

I'm having trouble putting down to words the mixed feelings I am having right now. Tomorrow a piece of my work is being raffled away to raise money for children's art classes through the CFAA. At first it felt great just to be a part of this and to be in an place where I could help. Now, I am really regretting my choices of work to donate. It's incredible how attached I am to these pieces. I had mixed feelings from the start, but it really hit me packing them up in the car to be driven out to Ohio. I said goodbye to the one piece in the same way I say goodbye to my cat... "Goodbye buddy". Same inflections. Same sentiment. I'll miss these works in the way that I miss old friends, the smell of Fall when winter takes hold, lost youth, and that day in the rain where it became clear I had found love.

There's no guarantee this art will bring any good to anyone, but it's got to be worth trying, and it is always nice to hear someone appreciates the work. So what do you pay an artist to get their work for free? A compliment.