Better Hate

way down by the gallows
of our history

you’re bound to see shows
of lost misery

lured there by the Sirens
of our fantasies

they’re downed in the shallows
of yore mystery

weighed down by the shadows
of our memories

they're tethered at the ankles, doze-
-ing lazily

smothered by the dozens
with the greatest of Eves

any other Day of favor reckons
these discrepancies...


Better Hate makes

entangled fates
has proved futile

when separate ways
becomes the fashion

thrown away
Is evolution

and their hate has
fed extinction

separate ways
has halted traction

entangled fates
was the solution

but Better Hate
has proved the problem

and other Days
should heed this lesson

better hate makes
truth deniers